Dr. Neha Jain

Qualification : Physiotherapist BPTh, MSc Sports Science London ( U.K)
Consultant : Physiotherapist

Neck pain/Cervical spondylosis, Back pain/ lumbar spondylosis/SI joint pain, Shoulder pain/Frozen shoulder, Heel pain/Plantar fascitis, Knee pain/ Total knee replacement/ meniscus injury/ ligament injury, Muscle strain/muscle sprain/ muscle spasm, Post surgery rehabilitation, Post fracture rehabilitation, Antenatal exercises, Postnatal exercises, Respiratory rehabilitation, Posture correction, Sports injury management, Fitness during pregnancy, Lamaze sessions, Pranic Healing sessions for pain relief

A Physiotherapist has the brain of a scientist, the heart of a humanist and the hands of an artist
Dr Neha is a Sports and Exercise Scientist. She’s done her bachelor’s in physiotherapy and Masters in Sports Science from London, U.K. She has over 13 years of experience in India and abroad. She believes exercises should not only be done to cure but also to prevent. She practises Kinesiotaping, Dry Needling and Dry Cupping along with rehabilitation for quick results. She’s also a Lamaze trained Childbirth Educator and a Pranic Healing practitioner.